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Delta-8 THC, the buzz around it

Cannabis is generally used for recreational purposes at parties, gatherings, and surprisingly, at educational institutions. While for some users it’s a way to achieve euphoria, for others it’s used to treat depression. Cannabis plants come in two varieties i.e. hemp and marijuana, the difference being the amount of THC -the chemical responsible for psychoactive effects of Cannabis- in the two. In addition to THC, both hemp and marijuana contain a chemical called CBD which can cure anxiety and neural disorders. Thus hemp can give the same health benefits as marijuana but not the same high.

Owing to low traces of THC, hemp and its derived products have been declared legal for production and selling. Surprisingly, folks have discovered a chemical process for converting the CBD extracted from hemp into a variant of THC. The chemical compound abundantly found in marijuana is scientifically termed delta-9 THC, while the chemical synthesized from hemp-derived CBD is delta-8 THC – also known as a synthetic weed – whose chemical composition is the same as delta-9 THC but a slightly different molecular structure. Delta-8 THC gives the same psychoactive effect as delta-9 and is, therefore, a good alternative.

In recent times, a boom has been witnessed in the sale of delta-8 THC because, unlike marijuana, it is a product derived from hemp and thus bears no legal restrictions. Moreover, Delta-8 THC sales have soared even in the states where marijuana is legal because the production and distribution of marijuana come with certain restrictions and taxes which makes it much more expensive for the users. This increasing demand has motivated several hemp producers and marijuana suppliers to get into the business, thereby growing the overall volume of the industry. Delta-8 THC comes in various packings and can be found easily at tobacco stores, vape shops, and online stores at cheap prices

However, compared to marijuana, the delta-8 THC variant is full of impurities that emerge as a result of the chemical process. More than 30 byproducts are produced whose effects on health are still not accurately known. While some users assert that delta-8 THC is just as safe and good as ordinary marijuana, others report having adverse effects on their health. So far we only have anecdotal evidence and concrete scientific research in this regard is lacking. U.S Food and Drug Administration is currently trying to address the concerns regarding consumption of delta-8 THC and bring the same under the purview of the law. In the past FDA has convicted the dealers of CBD for advertising the product with claims that haven’t been scientifically established and a similar move may be expected in the case of delta-8 THC distribution. As reported by the Tampa Bay times, legislators, democrats as well as Republicans, have come together to push a reform bill that would make it difficult for citizens of Florida to get their hands on delta-8 THC. But despite uncertainty about its legal position, delta-8 THC consumption and supply is a big industry with a wide customer base.

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